My name is Tom Crvenkovic and Iโ€™m the founder of Ace Language Academy. After years of teaching English around the world, teaching became a real passion for me. It gives me so much joy to help people improve their English language skills and help them achieve their goals. I love meeting new people from all around the world and listening to their passions and ambitions and helping them get to where they want to be!

My mission is to go that extra mile teaching students English and help boost their confidence!

At Ace Language Academy we teach English using the Callan Method with successful results in over 500 hours of teaching experience and 50+ students experiencing great positive results!


Please refer to these amazing students and their experience here at Ace Language Academy:


Why is so Ace Language Academy so amazing?


Fast, Fun & Effective Method

Our unique teaching method makes it possible for students to learn English very quickly.

Itโ€™s popular with students and schools all over the world because itโ€™s fast and effective, because itโ€™s lively and enjoyable, and because the lessons involve constant listening and speaking.


Local Speakers

All of our teachers are native speakers specially trained for using the Callan method.

We go the extra step to hear listen and understand all your needs and what you want to do in Melbourne.


Flexible Course

โœ… Fast, Fun and Easy
โœ… Confidence Boost
โœ… Amazing for PTE + IELTS
โœ… Private and Group lessons
โœ… A 95% pass rate
โœ… Improve pronunciation and fluency
โœ… Local Australian teachers
โœ… Speaking, Writing,Understanding


We teach you to speak English quickly and confidently using the Callan Method.
Over 1.1 million people in more than 35 countries have learned English with the Callan Method, and you can too!


How does it work?

Each lesson is divided into three blocks:

  1. Listening and speaking

  2. Repeat and understand

  3. Read and write

    • Speak without translating

    • Learn English 4x Faster

    • Classes are fun!

    • Any age and level

    • โ€œQuestion + answerโ€ format

    • Grammar is learned

    • Students learn actively


โœ… Individual approach

โœ… Tailor Made Courses

โœ… Group Lessons

โœ… Morning, Afternoon and Evening Class

โœ… Business Courses

โœ… Online Skype courses

โœ… Full day courses

โœ… Free trial period