Speak English with confidence in 8 simple steps!


3 things you should know ...

1. You’ll make mistakes, it’s ok! Everyone does. That’s how you learn!

2. If you can understand someone and they can understand you, you’ve achieved your goal!

3. There’s a big difference between speaking and writing in English.


How to speak English with confidence in 8 simple steps


1. Learn from different sources

Just studying English doesn’t mean you’ll speak fluently. It only comes with practice, speaking and repeating.

 Outside of School:

• Watch YouTube in English
• Watch Netflix movies in English with subtitles. Try watching the show “Friends” it’s great and easy to watch!
• Listen to the news, radio or music in English. Use Spotify, the local radio stations, pick up a daily newspaper like “The Age” or the “Herald Sun”.

2. Online groups

Join some interesting online groups like photography, travel, movies, coffee? Skype, Ted or https://www.duolingo.com/ are great options!


 3. Read, read, read!

Read clearly by correcting your pronunciation. If you don’t like talking to lots of people, read alone. When more confident, ask teachers or friends to speak with you and ask for advice and vocabulary. Read a book in a cafe, read the daily newspaper, change your phone language to English! You may even want to read a nice, short and easy book each week and then read a slightly more difficult one as you go!


4. Become friends with English speakers

Speak more and you will be more confident speaking English. Practice with friends, they won’t judge you - they will help you!

Hang out where locals go - State Library, QV, Melbourne Central
Keep up to date with the latest local Melbourne events - https://www.timeout.com/melbourne and https://www.facebook.com/WhatsOnMelb are great!
Meetup.com is awesome to meet people

The more people you speak to and the more mistakes you make with them, the easier it will be to get used to and correct yourself!


5. Learn English now - don’t delay it!

2 ways to stop delaying:

1. Put in your calendar when you study English. Organise your time so you can learn clearly and with focus.

2. Reward yourself each week! You’ll learn new words and be able to pronounce new grammar. It’s amazing how quickly you’ll improve!

6. Remember why you’re learning English 

It’s ok to feel nervous and frustrated! When you feel bad, remember why you’re learning English and your goal. Eg: studying, social, career or work? Go back to this goal and remember that improving your English will help you achieve your goals. If you’re new to Melbourne or any English speaking city and want to become more apart of the culture and boost your living experience, then improving your English will help you tremendously!


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7. Learn English with no stress

Have fun and learn without stress. Relax and accept that you will make mistakes - it’ll help you correct them quickly. There are many things you can do, go for a run, exercise, meditate, do some yoga, chill out in the Carlton Gardens. Enjoy learning English and take some time off for you when you need it.


8. Learn in small groups

Learning in a group is the most effective way to learn a language. Focus on your weak spots, improve your pronunciation and build your grammar. Share your stories, make some mistakes - everyone does! The more you laugh at your mistakes, the easier you can fix them! This is how you improve confidence!

And remember….

Learning English is always fun!


Speak English Quickly!

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