Private Lessons


Learn English around your schedule!

A course made just for you! Focus on your weak spots, improve your pronunciation, build your grammar and boost your confidence speaking! Speak English with your own teacher in a beautiful environment.

$170 for 2 hour lesson per week / $680 per month
$50 for materials

✅ Fast, Fun and Easy
✅ We teach around your schedule!
✅ Pick how many hours per week you want to learn!
✅ Confidence Boost
✅ Amazing for PTE + IELTS
✅ Private lessons work around your schedule!
✅ A 95% pass rate
✅ Improve pronunciation and fluency
✅ Local Australian teachers
✅ Speaking, Writing, Understanding

No administration or joining fees!

Classes available:
Monday - Friday

If you want to test it out, come for a free testing and trial lesson and try it out yourself: