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Focus on speaking English, improving your fluency and boosting your confidence! Make Melbourne your home - achieve your goals!


Speak English quickly and confidently using the Callan Method! These courses aren’t boring - it’s popular all over the world.

Classes are fast, organised, efficient and fun, and you learn from native English speakers.

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Private and Group Classes Available:


Central Melbourne Location
Local Native Teachers


Only Callan School in Victoria
Speak English 4x Quicker!


Exam, Visa, Work assistance
Boost your Confidence!


Why is our method so amazing?



The Callan Method uses a question and answer technique where questions are asked very quickly so you learn the natural patterns of speech in English. You’ll learn to communicate in English without translating.



You may not understand everything first time so the work is repeated very often. The more you repeat, the better you remember and understand and so you become more confident.

With the Callan Method you learn to speak English naturally and correctly!



Our local teachers correct your mistakes in pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary as soon as you make them. They are friendly and patient, helping you to improve your English.