Our goal is to empower our student's with confidence to speak English and help make Melbourne their home and achieve their goals!


Fast, Fun & Effective Method

Our unique teaching method makes it possible for students to learn English very quickly.

It’s popular with students and schools all over the world because it’s fast and effective, because it’s lively and enjoyable, and because the lessons involve constant listening and speaking.


Local Speakers

All of our teachers are native speakers specially trained for using the Callan method.

We go the extra step to hear listen and understand all your needs and what you want to do in Melbourne.


Flexible Program

✅ Individual approach
✅ Tailor Made Courses
✅ Group Lessons
✅ Morning, Afternoon and Evening Class
✅ Business Courses
✅ Skype, online courses
✅ Full day courses
✅ Free trial period


Additional Activities

✅ Callan on-line portal
✅ English in Action
✅ Resume, CV Job Interview Assistance
✅ Blogs and newsletters
✅ FB closed group
✅ Yoga and Meditation
✅ Workshops and seminars
✅ Informal gatherings
✅ Certificates